Certification for Off-site Bicycle Parking Spaces

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In all districts, as indicated, for colleges, universities, seminaries, hospitals and related facilities, except animal hospitals,  accessory bicycle parking spaces required pursuant to Section 25-811 (Enclosed bicycle parking spaces) may be provided on a zoning lot other than the same zoning lot as the use to which such spaces are accessory, provided that the Chairperson of the City Planning Commission certifies to the Department of Buildings that all such bicycle parking spaces are:

(a)        located on a zoning lot not further than 1,000 feet from the nearest boundary of the zoning lot occupied by the use to which they are accessory, or within a subsurface parking and other service facility that serves multiple zoning lots, including the zoning lot occupied by the use to which they are accessory; and

(b)        subject to deed restrictions filed in an office of record, binding the owner and his heirs and assigns to maintain the required number of spaces as accessible throughout the life of the use generating the accessory bicycle parking spaces.

A plaque shall be placed within 30 feet of a building entrance, with lettering at least three-quarter inches in height stating "Bicycle Parking” followed by information directing users to the address of the off-site location.  

The number of off-site accessory bicycle parking spaces provided pursuant to this Section and the area of such bicycle parking spaces, in square feet, shall be noted on the certificate of occupancy for both the building in which the off-site bicycle parking spaces are located, and the building containing the use to which such bicycle parking spaces are accessory.