Unenclosed bicycle parking spaces

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In all districts, as indicated, for open parking areas accessory to community facility uses that contain 18 or more spaces or are greater than 6,000 square feet in area, which meet the applicability standards of Section 25-67 (Parking Lot Landscaping), unenclosed accessory bicycle parking spaces shall be provided as follows:

(a)        One bicycle parking space shall be provided for every 10 automobile parking spaces, up to 200 automobile parking spaces. Thereafter, one bicycle parking space shall be provided for every 100 automobile parking spaces. Fractions equal to or greater than one-half resulting from this calculation shall be considered to be one bicycle parking space.

(b)        Each bicycle rack shall allow for the bicycle frame and at least one wheel to be locked to the rack. If bicycles can be locked to each side of the rack without conflict, each side may be counted toward a required space. Thirty inches of maneuverable space shall be provided between parallel bicycle racks and an eight foot wide aisle shall be provided between bicycle rack areas.

(c)        Bicycle racks shall be provided within 50 feet of a main entrance of a building and a minimum of 24 inches from any wall. However, if more than 40 bicycle parking spaces are required, 50 percent of such spaces may be provided at a distance of up to 100 feet from the main entrance of a building. Department of Transportation bicycle racks provided on a fronting sidewalk may be counted toward this requirement, provided such racks meet the standards of this paragraph, (c).