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In all districts, as indicated, the provisions of this Section, inclusive, related to bicycle parking spaces shall apply to:

(a)        developments;

(b)        enlargements that increase the floor area within a building by 50 percent or more;

(c)        dwelling units created by conversions of non-residential floor area;

(d)        new dwelling units in buildings or building segments constructed after April 22, 2009;

(e)        new enclosed accessory group parking facilities with 35 or more automobile parking spaces; and

(f)        open parking areas accessory to commercial or community facility uses that contain 18 or more automobile parking spaces or are greater than 6,000 square feet in area.

In addition, the provisions of Section 25-85 (Floor Area Exemption) shall apply to all buildings as set forth therein.

The number of accessory bicycle parking spaces provided pursuant to this Section, the total area, in square feet, of bicycle parking spaces and the total area, in square feet, excluded from the calculation of floor area for such spaces shall be noted on the certificate of occupancy.