General Provisions

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In all districts, as indicated, all permitted or required accessory off-street parking spaces shall conform to the provisions of the following Sections:

Section 25-62        (Size and Location of Spaces)

Section 25-63        (Location of Access to the Street)

Section 25-64        (Restrictions on Use of Open Space for Parking)

Section 25-65        (Surfacing)

Section 25-66        (Screening)

No portion of a side lot ribbon shall be less than eight feet wide and no portion shall be more than 10 feet wide on an interior lot or through lot and not more than 20 feet wide on a corner lot. If two zoning lots share a common side lot ribbon along a common side lot line, the width of a shared side lot ribbon must be at least eight feet.

Special regulations applying to large-scale residential developments are set forth in Article VII, Chapter 8, and to large-scale community facility developments in Article VII, Chapter 9.