General Provisions

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In all districts, as indicated, accessory off-street parking spaces, open or enclosed, shall be provided for all dwelling units created after December 15, 1961, in accordance with the provisions of the following Sections and the other applicable provisions of this Chapter, as a condition precedent to the use of such dwelling unit:

Section 25-22        (Requirements Where Individual Parking Facilities Are Provided)

Section 25-23        (Requirements Where Group Parking Facilities Are Provided)

Section 25-24        (Modification of Requirements for Small Zoning Lots)

Section 25-25        (Modification of Requirements for Income-Restricted Housing Units, Affordable Independent Residences for Seniors or Other Government-Assisted Dwelling Units)

Section 25-28        (Special Provisions for Zoning Lots Divided by District Boundaries)

For dwelling units constructed pursuant to the zoning regulations in effect after July 20, 1950, and prior to December 15, 1961, off-street parking spaces accessory to such dwelling units cannot be removed if such spaces were required by such zoning regulations, unless such spaces would not be required pursuant to the applicable zoning regulations currently in effect.

In addition, rooming units constructed pursuant to the zoning regulations in effect after July 20, 1950 and prior to March 22, 2016, shall continue to be subject to the applicable zoning district regulations in effect prior to March 22, 2016. For the purposes of applying such provisions to rooming units, three rooming units shall be considered the equivalent of one dwelling unit.

For the purposes of calculating the number of required parking spaces for any building containing residences, any fraction of a space 50 percent or greater shall be counted as an additional space.

In the event that the number of accessory off-street parking spaces required under the provisions of these Sections exceeds the maximum number of spaces permitted under the provisions of Section 25-16 (Maximum Spaces for Other Than Single-Family Detached Residences), the Commissioner of Buildings shall reduce the required number of spaces to the maximum number permitted.