General Provisions

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In all districts, as indicated, accessory off-street parking spaces may be provided for residences, for permitted community facility uses, for commercial uses permitted as accessory uses in large-scale residential developments, or for uses permitted by special permit, subject to the provisions set forth in the following Sections:

Section 25-12        (Maximum Size of Accessory Group Parking Facilities)

Section 25-15        (Maximum Spaces for Single-Family Detached Residences)

Section 25-16        (Maximum Spaces for Other Than Single-Family Detached Residences)

Section 25-18        (Maximum Spaces for Permitted Community Facility or Commercial Uses).

Such accessory off-street parking spaces may be open or enclosed. However, except as otherwise provided in Sections 73-48 (Roof Parking) or 74-531 (Additional parking spaces or roof parking for accessory group parking facilities), no spaces shall be located on any roof which is immediately above a story other than a basement.