General Provisions and Applicability

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In all districts, as indicated, the provisions set forth in Sections 24-62 to 24-66, inclusive, relating to Court Regulations and Minimum Distance between Windows and Walls or Lot Lines, shall apply only to community facility buildings or portions of buildings used for community facility use containing living accommodations with required windows. For the purposes of these Sections, a required window shall be deemed to be a window or part of a window that:

(a)        opens into any room used for living or sleeping purposes, other than a room in a hospital used for the care or treatment of patients; and

(b)        is required to provide adequate light or ventilation to such room by any applicable law or statute.

The provisions of Sections 24-62 through 24-66, inclusive, and 24-68 shall apply only to portions of buildings at or above the sill level of the lowest required window. For the purposes of these Sections, abutting buildings on a single zoning lot shall be considered a single building.