Tower Regulations

R7-2 R8 R9 R10

(a)        In the districts indicated without a letter suffix, for buildings other than Quality Housing buildings, except as set forth in paragraph (b) of this Section, any portion or portions of buildings which in the aggregate occupy not more than 40 percent of the lot area of a zoning lot or, for zoning lots of less than 20,000 square feet, the percentage set forth in the table in this Section, may penetrate an established sky exposure plane in accordance with the provisions of this Section. (Such portion of a building that penetrates a sky exposure plane is hereinafter referred to as a tower.)


Area of Zoning Lot
(in square feet)

Maximum Percent of Lot Coverage

10,500 or less


10,501 to 11,500


11,501 to 12,500


12,501 to 13,500


13,501 to 14,500


14,501 to 15,500


15,501 to 16,500


16,501 to 17,500


17,501 to 18,500


18,501 to 19,999


Buildings developed or enlarged with towers shall comply with either tower-on-a-base regulations or standard tower regulations as follows:

(1)        Applicability of tower-on-a-base regulations

The tower-on-a-base regulations of Section 23-651 shall apply in R9 and R10 Districts to any such building that:

(i)        is located on a zoning lot that fronts upon a wide street and is either within 125 feet from such wide street frontage along the short dimension of the block or within 100 feet from such wide street frontage along the long dimension of the block; and

(ii)        contains more than 25 percent of its total floor area in residential use.

If a portion of such building is developed or enlarged as a tower the entire zoning lot shall comply with the provisions of Section 23-651.

(2)        Applicability of standard tower regulations

(i)        In R7-2 and R8 Districts, the standard tower regulations of Section 23-652 shall apply only to buildings developed or enlarged as towers, where such towers are comprised, at every level, of only community facility uses.

(ii)        In R9 and R10 Districts, the standard tower regulations of Section 23-652 shall apply to any building developed or enlarged as a tower that does not meet the location and floor area criteria of paragraph (a)(1) of this Section.

(b)        Inapplicability of tower regulations

R7-2 R8 R9 R10

In the districts indicated, the provisions of this Section shall not apply to any development or enlargement located wholly or partly in a Residence District that is within 100 feet of a public park with an area of one acre or more, or a street line opposite such a public park.