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In all districts, as indicated, the floor area and lot coverage regulations of this Section 24-10, inclusive, shall apply as follows.

For any zoning lot, the maximum floor area ratio and maximum percent of lot coverage for a community facility use shall not exceed the floor area ratio and lot coverage set forth in Section 24-11 (Maximum Floor Area Ratio and Percentage of Lot Coverage), except as otherwise provided in the following Sections:

Section 24-111        (Maximum floor area ratio for certain community facility uses)

Section 24-112        (Special floor area ratio provisions for certain areas)

Section 24-13        (Floor Area Bonus for Deep Front and Wide Side Yards)

Section 24-14        (Floor Area Bonus for a Public Plaza)

Section 24-15        (Floor Area Bonus for Arcades)

Section 24-16        (Special Provisions for Zoning Lots Containing Both Community Facility and Residential Uses)

Section 24-17        (Special Provisions for Zoning Lots Divided by District Boundaries or Subject to Different Bulk Regulations).

Where floor area in a building is shared by multiple uses, the floor area for such shared portion shall be attributed to each use proportionately, based on the percentage each use occupies of the total floor area of the zoning lot less any shared floor area.