Special regulations for the conversion of non-residential floor area to residences have been established in order to promote and protect public health, safety and general welfare. These goals include, among others, the following specific purposes:

(a)        to permit owners to increase the return on their investment in appropriate existing buildings by authorizing the conversion to residences without requiring such residences to conform to the provisions of Article II of this Resolution;

(b)        to reduce the deleterious effects on commercial and manufacturing uses caused by the reduction of land and floor area available to such uses permitted under the provisions of this Chapter by providing relocation incentives for such uses;

(c)        to protect important job-producing industries, particularly those with a unique social or economic relationship to the surrounding community;

(d)        to provide sufficient space for commercial and manufacturing activities which are an integral part of New York City's economy;

(e)        to provide for adequate returns to property owners by allowing more profitable residential use with a limited mix of commercial and manufacturing uses;

(f)        to provide a new housing opportunity of a type and at a density appropriate to these Community Districts;

(g)        to ensure the provision of safe and sanitary housing units in converted buildings; and

(h)        to ensure the provision of adequate amenities in conjunction with residential development.