Small sidewalk cafes shall be subject to the regulations of Section 14-01 (General Provisions) and, in addition, shall comply with the requirements for the definition of small sidewalk cafes in Section 12-10 as well as the following physical criteria:

(a)        no form of serving station or any other type of furniture, other than the single row of tables and chairs set adjacent to the street line, may be placed within that space occupied by a small sidewalk cafe ;

(b)        there shall be no railing, structure or other form of barrier between a small sidewalk cafe and the remaining area of the sidewalk; and

(c)        there shall be no overhead coverage other than a retractable awning that is affixed to the building wall and does not extend further than 4 feet, 6 inches.

Small sidewalk cafes are permitted wherever sidewalk cafes may be located pursuant to the requirements of Section 14-011. Section 14-43 (Locations Where Only Small Sidewalk Cafes Are Permitted) lists specific streets and areas where no sidewalk cafes other than small sidewalk cafes may be located.