Limited increase in parking spaces for existing buildings without parking

The City Planning Commission may, by authorization, allow an off-street parking facility in the Manhattan Core with a maximum capacity of 15 spaces in an existing building developed without the provision of parking, provided that the conditions of paragraph (a) and the findings of paragraph (b) of this Section are met.

(a)        Conditions

As a condition for approval, the parking facility shall comply with the applicable provisions of Section 13-20 (SPECIAL RULES FOR MANHATTAN CORE PARKING FACILITIES), except that such parking facility need not comply with the provisions of Section 13-22 (Enclosure and Screening Requirements).


(b)        Findings

The Commission shall find that:


(1)        the location of the vehicular entrances and exits to the parking facility will not unduly interrupt the flow of pedestrian traffic associated with uses or public facilities, including access points to mass transit facilities in close proximity thereto, or result in any undue conflict between pedestrian and vehicular movements, due to the entering and leaving movement of vehicles;


(2)        the location of the vehicular entrances and exits to such parking facility will not interfere with the efficient functioning of streets, including any lanes designated for specific types of users or vehicles, due to the entering and leaving movement of vehicles;


(3)        such use will not create or contribute to serious traffic congestion and will not unduly inhibit surface traffic and pedestrian flow; and


(4)        such parking facility will not be inconsistent with the character of the existing streetscape.

The Commission may prescribe appropriate conditions and safeguards to minimize adverse effects on the character of the surrounding area.