Residential developments with building permits issued on or before June 30, 1989

If on or before June 30, 1989, the foundations of a residential major or minor development have been completed and permits issued pursuant to the requirements of Section 11-331 (Right to construct if foundations completed), and a certificate of occupancy has not been issued by June 30, 1991, construction may continue until June 30, 1995, for a minor development, or until June 30, 1997, for a major development, provided the Commissioner of Buildings determines that 30 percent of the floor area of the major or minor development was roofed and enclosed by walls by June 30, 1991. Applications to continue construction under this Section must be filed with the Commissioner of Buildings within 90 days of December 5, 1991. If the Commissioner of Buildings has granted the right to continue construction of a major or minor development pursuant to this Section, the Board of Standards and Appeals may not grant the right to continue construction pursuant to paragraph (a) of Section 11-332.