In order to grant additional floor area and any modifications to bulk, publicly accessible open space or parking and loading regulations, the City Planning Commission shall find that:

(a)        For all applications with a floor area increase, and for any applications with bulk modifications, such increase or modification:

(1)        will promote a beneficial mix of required industrial and incentive uses;

(2)        will result in superior site planning, harmonious urban design relationships and a safe and enjoyable streetscape;

(3)        will result in a building that has a better design relationship with surrounding streets and adjacent open areas;

(4)        will result in a development or enlargement that will not have an adverse effect on the surrounding neighborhood; and

(5)        will, for yard or height and setback regulations, provide a better distribution of bulk on the zoning lot and will not unduly obstruct the access to light and air of surrounding streets and properties.

(b)        Where modifications to publicly accessible open space requirements of paragraph (f) of Section 74-965 (Conditions) are proposed, such modifications will result in a publicly accessible open space of equivalent or greater value as a public amenity.

(c)        Where modifications to parking or loading regulations are proposed:

(1)        such reduction or waiver of required parking spaces will not create or contribute to serious traffic congestion and will not unduly inhibit vehicular and pedestrian movement;

(2)        the number of curb cuts provided are the minimum required for adequate access to off-street parking and loading berths, and such curb cuts are located so as to cause minimum disruption to traffic, including vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian circulation patterns;

(3)        the streets providing access to the development or enlargement are adequate to handle the traffic generated thereby, or provision has been made to handle such traffic; and

(4)        the reduction or waiver of loading berths requirements will not create or contribute to serious traffic congestion or unduly inhibit vehicular and pedestrian movement.

The Commission may prescribe appropriate additional conditions and safeguards to minimize adverse effects on the character of the surrounding area.