Application requirements

All applications for a special permit pursuant to this Section shall include the following:

(a)        site plans and elevations which shall establish distribution of floor area, height and setback, sidewalk widths, primary business entrances, including parking and loading, yards and publicly accessible open space, signage and lighting;

(b)        floor plans of all floors which shall establish the location, access plan and dimensions of freight elevators and loading areas and the location of floor area dedicated to required industrial uses and incentive uses;

(c)        drawings that show, within a 600-foot radius, the location and type of uses, the location, dimensions and elements of off-site open areas including streets, waterfront and upland parcels, elements of a Waterfront Access Plan, as applicable, and the location of street trees and street furniture and any other urban design elements. Where applicable, for applications in Industrial Business Incentive Area 1, the plans shall demonstrate that any publicly accessible open space provided meets the requirements of paragraph (f) of Section 74-965 (Conditions); and

(d)        for zoning lots in flood zones, flood protection plans, location of mechanical equipment, areas for storage of any hazardous materials and proposed structural or design elements intended to mitigate the impacts of flood and storm events.