For the purposes of Section 74-96 (Modification of Use, Bulk, Parking and Loading Regulations in Industrial Business Incentive Areas), inclusive, a “required industrial use” and an “incentive use” shall be defined as follows:

Incentive Use

An “incentive use” is a use permitted by the applicable zoning district, that is allowed to occupy the additional floor area generated by a required industrial use with the exception of the following uses:

transient hotels in Use Group 5, as specified in Section 32-14;

uses in Use Groups 6A or 6C, as specified in Section 32-15;

uses in Use Group 7A, as specified in Section 32-16;

uses in Use Group 8C, as specified in Section 32-17;

uses in Use Group 10A, and any retail spaces accessory to wholesale offices or showrooms, with storage restricted to samples; in Use Group 10B as specified in Section 32-19;

uses in Use Group 12, as specified in Section 32-21;

uses in Use Group 13, as specified in Section 32-22; and

moving or storage offices, with no limitation as to storage or floor area per establishment, as well as packing or crating establishments, and warehouses, as specified in Section 32-25 (Use Group 16).


Required Industrial Use

A “required industrial use” is a use that helps achieve a desirable mix of commercial and manufacturing uses in an Industrial Business Incentive Area, and that generates additional floor area pursuant to provisions set forth in Section 74-962 and is listed in:

Use Group 11A as specified in Section 32-20;

Use Group 16A, as specified in Section 32-25, excluding animal hospitals and kennels; animal pounds or crematoriums; automobile, motorcycle, trailer, or boat sales; crematoriums, human; motorcycle or motor scooter rental establishments; poultry or rabbit killing establishments; riding academies; stables for horses; and trade schools for adults;

Use Group 16B, as specified in Section 32-25;

Use Group 17B, as specified in Section 42-14;

Use Group 17C, as specified in Section 42-14; and

Use Group 18A, as specified in Section 42-15, limited to beverages, alcoholic or breweries; where permitted by the provisions of the applicable zoning district and provided the applicable performance standards pursuant to Section 42-20 are met.

Any diagnostic medical laboratories that receive patients shall not be considered a required industrial use.