Trucking Terminals or Motor Freight Stations

In C8 Districts, the City Planning Commission may permit trucking terminals or motor freight stations with sites in excess of 20,000 square feet, provided that the following findings are made:

(a)        that the principal access for such use is not on a local street but is located within one-quarter mile of a secondary or major street;

(b)        that vehicular entrances and exits for such use are provided separately and are located not less than 100 feet apart;

(c)        that such use is not located within 200 feet of a Residence District boundary; and

(d)        that access to such use is located on a street not less than 60 feet in width.

The Commission may prescribe appropriate conditions and safeguards to minimize adverse effects on the character of the surrounding area, including requirements for shielding of floodlights, screening and surfacing all access roads or driveways.