Residential Use in C4-1 Districts in Staten Island

In the Borough of Staten Island, in C4-1 Districts that occupy at least four acres within a block and in other C4-1 Districts for zoning lots that had a lot area greater than 20,000 square feet on December 21, 2005, or on any subsequent date, the City Planning Commission may permit residences, provided such residences comply with the bulk regulations for R5 Districts as set forth in Article II, Chapter 3, or Article III, Chapter 5, as applicable.

In order to grant such permit, the Commission shall find that such residences are part of a superior site plan, such residences are compatible with the character of the surrounding area and that the streets providing access to such residences are adequate to handle the traffic generated thereby or provision has been made to handle such traffic.

The Commission may prescribe appropriate safeguards and conditions to minimize the adverse effect of any residences permitted under this Section on the character of the surrounding area.