Location in C2, C4, C6 or C7 Districts

In any C2, C4, C6 or C7 District whose longer dimension is 375 feet or more (exclusive of land in streets), the Board of Standards and Appeals may permit automotive service stations, provided that the following findings are made:

(a)        that the site for such use has a minimum area of 7,500 square feet; and

(b)        that the site for any such use which is not located on an arterial highway or a major street has a maximum area of 15,000 square feet.

The Board shall prescribe the following conditions:

(1)        that any facilities for lubrication, minor repairs or washing are located within a completely enclosed building;

(2)        that the site is so designed as to provide reservoir space for five waiting automobiles within the zoning lot in addition to spaces available within an enclosed lubritorium or at the pumps;

(3)        that entrances and exits are so planned that, at maximum expected operation, vehicular movement into or from the automotive service station will cause a minimum of obstruction on streets or sidewalks;

(4)        that, along any rear lot line or side lot line adjoining a Residence District, the zoning lot is screened, as the Board may prescribe, by either of the following methods:

(i)        a strip at least four feet wide, densely planted with shrubs or trees at least four feet high at the time of planting and which are of a type which may be expected to form a year-round dense screen at least six feet high within three years; or

(ii)        a wall or barrier or uniformly painted fence of fire-resistant material at least six feet high, but not more than eight feet above finished grade. Such wall, barrier, or fence may be opaque or perforated, provided that not more than 50 percent of its face is open; and

(5)        that signs, other than advertising signs, shall be subject to the applicable district sign regulations, provided that:

(i)        in C2 Districts, the provisions of Sections 32-642 (Non-illuminated signs) and 32-643 (Illuminated non-flashing signs) shall be modified to permit non-illuminated or illuminated non-flashing signs with a total surface area not exceeding 150 square feet on any zoning lot; and

(ii)        the provisions set forth in Section 32-652 (Permitted projection in all other Commercial Districts) may be modified in accordance with the provisions of Section 73-212 (Projection of accessory signs).

The Board may prescribe additional appropriate conditions and safeguards to minimize adverse effects on the character of the surrounding area, and to protect residential zoning lots which are adjoining or across the street.