Alterations of buildings

Prior to the issuance of an alteration permit by the Department of Buildings for a material alteration of a multiple dwelling within the Preservation Area, the Department of Housing Preservation and Development shall certify to the Department of Buildings that:

(a)        prior to evicting or otherwise terminating the occupancy of any tenant preparatory to alteration, the owner shall have notified the Commissioner of his or her intention to alter the building; and

(b)        the Department of Housing Preservation and Development has issued a certification of no harassment or that the owner has complied with paragraph (d) of Section 96-110.

However, a permit for alterations may be exempted from the provisions of this Section by written determination of the Department of Housing Preservation and Development that such alterations are to be performed solely for the purpose of either:

(1)        making the public areas of a multiple dwelling accessible to persons with disabilities without altering the configuration of any dwelling unit or rooming unit; or

(2)        making a dwelling unit or a rooming unit accessible to persons with disabilities.

For the purposes of this Section, dwelling unit and rooming unit shall be defined as in Section 96-110.