Floor area regulations in M1-6D Districts

(a)        The maximum floor area ratio for zoning lots shall be 10.0, and no floor area bonuses shall apply, except as modified for Inclusionary Housing designated areas, as set forth in paragraph (b) of this Section.

(b)        In Inclusionary Housing designated areas

For M1-6D Districts mapped within an Inclusionary Housing designated area, the provisions of Sections 23-154 and 23-90 (INCLUSIONARY HOUSING) applicable to R10 Districts without a letter suffix shall apply, as modified in this Section:

(1)        for zoning lots that do not contain residences, the maximum floor area ratio shall be 10.0; and

(2)        the maximum base floor area ratio for zoning lots containing residences shall be 9.0 plus an amount equal to 0.25 times the non-residential floor area ratio provided on the zoning lot, up to 10.0. Such floor area ratio may be increased to a maximum of 12.0 only through the provision of affordable housing, pursuant to Section 23-90, inclusive.