Use Group VIII – uses subject to additional conditions

For uses denoted with a “P” in Section 42-181 (Use Group VIII – general use allowances), the provisions of this Section shall apply.

  1. Gaming facilities shall be limited to those for which an application was submitted to the New York State Gaming Commission to develop and operate a gaming facility before June 30, 2025, pursuant to Section 1306 of the Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law, as such law existed on December 5, 2023, and operating under a gaming license issued by the Gaming Commission. No other gaming facilities shall be permitted.

    Gaming facilities may include gaming areas and any other non-gaming uses related to the gaming areas including, but not limited to, transient hotels, eating or drinking establishments, as well as other amenities.

    Gaming facilities, as approved by the Gaming Commission at the time of their initial licensure, shall be deemed to have satisfied all other applicable regulations of this Resolution.
  2. In all Manufacturing Districts, riding academies or stables shall conform to the performance standards set forth in Sections 42-40 (PERFORMANCE STANDARDS) through 42-48 (Performance Standards Regulating Humidity, Heat or Glare), inclusive.