Circulation paths

Circulation paths within public plazas shall provide for unobstructed pedestrian circulation throughout the minor and major portions of the public plaza and shall, at a minimum, connect all streets on which the public plaza fronts and all major elements of the public plaza, including seating areas, building entrances, approved open air cafes and kiosks, and significant design features of the public plaza. A minimum of one such circulation path shall be provided of at least eight feet clear width. Circulation paths shall extend to at least 80 percent of the depth of the major portion of the public plaza, measured perpendicular from each street line. Through block public plazas shall provide at least one circulation path with a minimum width of 10 feet connecting each street on which the public plaza fronts. Trees planted flush to grade, light stanchions, trash receptacles, and public space signage shall be considered permitted obstructions within circulation paths; however, all trees located within circulation paths must comply with the regulations for flush-to-grade trees in Section 37-742.