Area dimensions

A public plaza shall contain an area of not less than 2,000 square feet. In no case shall spaces between existing buildings remaining on the zoning lot qualify as public plazas. In addition, in order to preserve the provisions relating to the boundaries, proportions and obstructions of public plazas, on any one zoning lot, an open area which does not qualify for bonus floor area may not be located between two public plazas, or between a public plaza and a building wall or arcade.

Any non-bonused open area located adjacent to a public plaza, other than an open area bounding a street line used for pedestrian access, must either:

(a)        be separated from the public plaza by a buffer, such as a wall, decorative fence, or opaque plantings at least six feet in height; or

(b)        meet all requirements for minor portions of public plazas related to size, configuration, orientation, as specified in Section 37-716.