Section 37-30, inclusive, specifies ground floor level requirements that establish consistent standards for a minimum depth for certain uses, a maximum width for certain uses, minimum transparency requirements, and parking wrap and screening requirements, and minimum requirements for blank walls that apply in conjunction with requirements set forth for certain Commercial Districts in the supplemental use provisions of Section 32-40, inclusive, for Quality Housing buildings in certain Commercial Districts subject to supplemental provisions for qualifying ground floors; for certain Manufacturing Districts in Section 42-485 (Streetscape provisions); for zoning lots subject to the off-street parking regulations in the Manhattan Core in Article I, Chapter 3; for zoning lots subject to the special provisions for waterfront areas and, FRESH food stores, and flood zones in Article VI, Chapters 2 and, 3, and 4 respectively; and for zoning lots subject to the provisions of certain Special Purpose Districts.

However, the ground floor depth requirements for certain uses and minimum transparency requirements of Sections 37-32 and 37-34, respectively, shall not apply to:

(a)        zoning lots in Commercial Districts with a lot width of less than 20 feet, as measured along the street line, provided such zoning lots existed on March 22, 2016, and on the date of application for a building permit; or

(b)        any community facility building used exclusively for either a school, as listed in Use Group 3, or a house of worship, as listed in Use Group 4.