Restrictions on Operation, Size and Location of Bicycle Parking Spaces

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In all districts, as indicated, all accessory bicycle parking spaces shall be provided on the same zoning lot as the building or use to which such spaces are accessory, except as provided in Section 36-74 (Off-site Bicycle Parking Spaces).

All enclosed accessory bicycle parking spaces shall be surrounded on all sides by a solid enclosure, except where a parking garage is open at the sides, and covered by a roof for weather protection. Each bicycle space shall adjoin a rack or similar system for securing the bicycle. Bicycle parking spaces shall be located in an area secured by a lock or similar means, or adjoin a securely anchored rack to which the bicycle frame and at least one wheel can be locked. Fifteen square feet of area shall be provided for each bicycle space. However, the area for each bicycle space may be reduced by up to nine square feet per bicycle if the Commissioner of Buildings certifies that a layout has been submitted to adequately accommodate the specified number of bicycles.

A plaque shall be placed at the exterior of the entry to the bicycle parking area, outside any locked door, with lettering at least three-quarter inches in height stating “Bicycle Parking.”

All required bicycle parking spaces that are accessory to residences shall be made available for the storage and independent access of the bicycles used by the occupants of such residences.

All required bicycle parking spaces that are accessory to a commercial or community facility use shall be made available for the storage and independent access of bicycles used by the employees of such use, except that bicycle parking spaces accessory to colleges or universities must be accessible to all authorized users of such building, and that bicycle parking spaces accessory to community facilities with sleeping accommodations may be accessible to the occupants of such facility.

Bicycle spaces may be located in a room secured by a lock, or similar means, provided that access is through a commonly accessible area and access is made available to eligible users on an equal basis. Rooms containing required bicycle parking spaces may also contain non-required accessory bicycle spaces, as well as non-accessory bicycle spaces permitted by the underlying district regulations.

(a)        For colleges, universities or seminaries, one-half of required accessory bicycle parking spaces may be provided as open unenclosed spaces, provided that such spaces meet the standards of paragraph (b) of Section 36-712 (Unenclosed bicycle parking spaces).

(b)        For public parking garages, the required information plaque shall be provided at each point of bicycle entry to the public parking garage, mounted with its center between four and six feet above the ground, directly visible and unobstructed from the street. The entry plaque shall contain a bicycle symbol which is 12 inches square in dimension with a highly contrasting background, as shown in this paragraph, (b). The symbol shall match exactly the symbol provided in the Required Signage Symbols file at the Department of City Planning website.

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