Certification that no connection is required, relocation of previously certified connections and voluntary connections

(a)        Certification that no connection is required

The Chairperson shall certify to the Department of Buildings that no cross access connection is required along a lot line, or other boundary between separate parking lots when located on the same zoning lot, due to the presence of the following conditions, and provided that no alternate location along such lot line or other boundary between properties exists:

(1)        grade changes greater than 15 percent;

(2)        existing buildings or other structures to remain that are located within 50 feet of the subject zoning lot or property; or

(3)        wetlands or trees with a caliper of six inches or more.

(b)        Relocation of previously certified connection

The Chairperson may relocate a previously-certified cross access connection where such new location is acceptable to the owners of both properties and such connection complies with all requirements of this Section.

(c)        Certification for voluntary connection

The Chairperson may certify a non-required cross access connection provided such connection complies with all requirements of Section 36-59, inclusive.