Establishment of location of required cross access connection

One cross access connection shall be provided on the subject property at each zoning lot line or other boundary on the same zoning lot, where the properties divided by such lot line or boundary are contiguous by at least 60 feet, and where the adjacent properties are located in C4-1, C8 or Manufacturing Districts. The location of the required cross access connection shall be established as follows:

(a)        where an easement has not been previously recorded against any adjacent property in accordance with Section 36-595, an easement shall be recorded against the subject property documenting the locations of all potential cross access connections identified pursuant to Section 36-593. The easement shall provide for at least one future cross access connection to each adjacent property, at any of the locations identified; or

(b)        where an easement has been previously recorded against an adjacent property in accordance with Section 36-595, an easement providing for at least one cross access connection meeting the criteria set forth in Section 36-593 shall be recorded against the subject property. Such cross access connection shall also align with one of the locations identified in the previously recorded easement against an adjacent property. If the previously recorded easement has identified more than one location for a cross access connection along such lot line or other boundary, the owner of the subject property shall select one of these locations for the cross access connection.

Each property owner shall construct their portion of the cross access connection in accordance with the requirements of Sections 36-593 and 36-595.

If such cross access connection has been established in a location that contained parking spaces upon the effective date of the easement, as set forth in Section 36-595, such connection shall be counted as four required parking spaces and shall be separated from any adjacent parking spaces by a planting island at least four feet wide and densely planted with shrubs maintained at a maximum height of three feet. Such planting islands shall not be subject to the landscaping provisions of Section 37-922 (Interior landscaping).