Shared parking facilities for houses of worship

In C1 or C2 Districts mapped within R1, R2, R3, R4 or R5 Districts and in C3, C4-1, C4-2 and C8-1 Districts, required

accessory off-street parking spaces may be provided for houses of worship in facilities designed to be shared with other permitted non-residential uses, in any district, provided that:

(a)        no more than 25 percent of the spaces in such facilities may be used to satisfy the parking requirement for both the house of worship and other permitted non-residential uses, except that such percentage may be increased by the Commissioner of Buildings if it can be demonstrated that such additional parking spaces would not be used by the house of worship and other permitted non-residential uses at the same times;

(b)        all such spaces are no further than 600 feet from the nearest boundary of the zoning lot containing the house of worship; and

(c)        all such spaces conform to all applicable regulations of the district in which they are located.