All buildings in Commercial Districts shall comply with the height and setback regulations set forth in this Section, inclusive. However, the height and setback regulations of this Section, inclusive, shall not apply in C1 and C2 Districts mapped within R6 through R10 Districts with a letter suffix, and in C1-6A, C1-7A, C1-8A, C1-8X, C1-9A, C2-6A, C2-7A, C2-7X, C2-8A, C4-2A, C4-3A, C4-4A, C4-4D, C4-4L, C4-5A, C4-5D, C4-5X, C4-6A, C4-7A, C5-1A, C5-2A, C6-2A, C6-3A, C6-3D, C6-3X, C6-4A or C6-4X Districts. In lieu thereof, all buildings in such districts shall comply with the applicable residential height and setback regulations for Quality Housing buildings set forth in Article II, Chapter 3, as modified by Article III, Chapter 5.