Additional regulations for signs other than advertising signs

C6-5 C6-7 C7 C8

In the districts indicated, and within 200 feet of an arterial highway or a public park with an area of one-half acre or more, no permitted sign that is within view of such arterial highway or public park shall exceed 500 square feet of surface area.

Beyond 200 feet from such arterial highway or public park, the surface area of such signs may be increased one square foot for each linear foot such sign is located from the arterial highway or public park.

Upon application, these requirements shall be waived, provided that the Chairperson of the City Planning Commission certifies that:

(a)        such waiver is limited to a single, non-flashing sign that is located on a zoning lot not less than one and one-half acres; and

(b)        all other permitted signs located on such zoning lot that are subject to the provisions of this Section conform with all the sign regulations applicable in C1 Districts.