Illuminated or flashing signs in C4, C5-4, C6 or C7 Districts

C4 C5-4 C6 C7

In the districts indicated, illuminated or flashing signs with total surface areas not exceeding those shown in the following table are permitted:


Maximum Surface Area
(in square feet)

C4 C5-4

C6-1 C6-2 C6-3 C6-4

C6-6 C6-8 C6-9

Five times the street frontage of the zoning lot (in feet), but in no event more than 500 square feet for interior or through lots or 500 square feet on each frontage for corner lots.

C6-5 C6-7 C7

No restrictions as to size

However, in a C6-1A District, flashing signs are not permitted.