Use Group 11

C5 C6** C8

Use Group 11 consists of a few types of essentially custom manufacturing activities that:

(1)        benefit from a central location and are appropriate in the central business district;

(2)        generally do not create any significant objectionable influences; and

(3)        involve products characterized by a high ratio of value to bulk, so that truck traffic is kept to a minimum.

A. Manufacturing Establishments

*Art needlework, hand weaving or tapestries [PRC-F]

*Books, handbinding or tooling [PRC-F]

*Ceramic products, custom manufacturing [PRC-F]

*Clothing, custom manufacturing or altering for retail [PRC-F]

*Hair products, custom manufacturing [PRC-F]

*Jewelry manufacturing from precious metals [PRC-F]

*Medical, dental, drafting instruments, optical goods, or similar precision instruments [PRC-F]

*Musical instruments, except pianos and organs [PRC-F]

*Orthopedic or medical appliances, custom manufacturing [PRC-F]

*Printing, custom, limited to 2,500 square feet of floor area per establishment for production, provided that such floor area limitation shall not apply in C6 Districts [PRC-F]

*Watchmaking [PRC-F]

B. Wholesale or Similar Establishments

*Ship chandlers [PRC-F]

*Wholesale establishments, with accessory storage limited to 2,500 square feet of floor area per establishment [PRC-B1]

C. Accessory uses

*        In a C5 District, a use in Use Group 11, marked with an asterisk, shall not be located on the ground floor of a building unless such use is at least 50 feet from the street wall of the building in which it is located, as provided in Section 32-423 (Limitation on ground floor location)

**        In a C6-1A District, uses in Use Group 11 are not permitted