Use Group 8

C2 C4 C6 C8

Use Group 8 consists primarily of amusement or service establishments which:

(1)        are appropriate in local service districts to serve nearby residential areas; or

(2)        depend on a wide service radius and may appropriately be located in secondary or major commercial centers.

Since these establishments are generally patronized by customers for special purposes not associated with retail shopping, they are appropriate neither in local shopping areas nor in the restricted central commercial areas.

A. Amusements

*Billiard parlors or pool halls [PRC-D]

*Bowling alleys, limited to not more than 16 lanes per establishment [PRC-D]

Model car hobby center, including racing, limited to not more than 8,000 square feet of floor area per establishment [PRC-D]

Theaters [PRC-D]

In C2-5, C2-6, C2-7, C2-8, C4-5, C4-6, C4-7, C6 and C8-4 Districts, in order to prevent obstruction of street areas, a new motion picture theater, in a new or existing building, shall provide a minimum of four square feet of waiting area within the zoning lot for each seat in such theater. The required waiting space shall be either in an enclosed lobby or open area that is covered or protected during inclement weather and shall not include space occupied by stairs or space within 10 feet of a refreshment stand or of an entrance to a public toilet. Such requirements shall not apply to any additional motion picture theater created by the subdivision of an existing motion picture theater.

B. Retail or Service Establishments

*Automobile driving schools [PRC-B]

Ice vending machines, coin-operated, including those machines that are self-contained, dealing directly with the ultimate consumer. Such self-contained machines shall be limited to 1,600 pounds capacity solely for the use of such self-contained machines

Lumber stores, limited to 5,000 square feet of floor area per establishment exclusive of that floor area used for office and display area, and provided that not more than 400 square feet of floor area shall be used for cutting of lumber to size [PRC-B1]

*Pawn shops [PRC-B1]

Television, radio, phonograph or household appliance repair shops [PRC-B]

*Upholstering shops dealing directly with consumers [PRC-B1]

C. Automotive Service Establishments

Automobile rental establishments, except that in the Long Island City area, as defined in Section 16-02 (Definitions), the number of automobiles that may be stored in such establishments in C2, C4 or C6 Districts shall not exceed 100 spaces and the maximum size in square feet of such storage area shall not exceed 200 times the number of parking spaces provided, exclusive of entrance/exit ramps

Public parking garages or public parking lots with a capacity of 150 spaces or less, subject to the provisions set forth for accessory off-street parking spaces in Sections 36-53 (Width of Curb Cuts and Location of Access to the Street), 36-55 (Surfacing) and 36-56 (Screening), and provided that such public parking lots are not permitted as of right in C6-1A Districts and such public parking garages are not permitted as of right in C2-5, C2-6, C2-7, C2-8, C4-5, C4-5A, C4-5X, C4-6, C4-7, C6, C8-4, M1-4, M1-5, M1-6, M2-3, M2-4 or M3-2 Districts. Public parking garages may be open or enclosed, provided that no portion of such use shall be located on a roof other than a roof which is immediately above a cellar or basement.

In the Manhattan Core, these uses are subject to the provisions of Article I, Chapter 3, and in the Long Island City area, as defined in Section 16-02 (Definitions), such uses are subject to the provisions of Article I, Chapter 6.

D. Public Service Establishments

Prisons [PRC-H]

E. Accessory uses

*        In a C4 District, a use in Use Group 8, marked with an asterisk shall not be located on the ground floor of a building unless such use is at least 50 feet from the street wall of the building in which it is located, as provided in Section 32-423 (Limitation on ground floor location)