Use Group 5

C1* C2** C4 C5 C6 C8

Use Group 5 consists of hotels used primarily for transient occupancy.

A. Transient Accommodations

Hotels, transient*** [PRC-H]

B. Accessory uses

*        In a C1-1, C1-2, C1-3 or C1-4 District, a transient hotel shall not be permitted

**        In a C2-1, C2-2, C2-3 or C2-4 District, each transient hotel shall be located on a zoning lot in whole or in part within a 1,000-foot radius of the entrance or exit of a limited-access expressway, freeway, parkway, or highway, all of which prohibit direct vehicular access to abutting land and provide complete separation of conflicting traffic flows, measured from the centerline of the entrance or exit ramp at its intersection with the nearest adjacent street

***        Subject to the provisions of Section 32-02 (Special Provisions for Hotels)