Required Recreation Space

All developments with nine or more dwelling units, and enlargements, extensions or conversions, that result in nine or more dwelling units, shall provide at least the minimum amount of recreation space as set forth in the table in this Section.

The amount of recreation space required is expressed as a percentage of the total residential floor area or community facility floor area allocated to long-term care facilities or philanthropic or non-profit institutions with sleeping accommodations, as applicable, of the development, enlargement, extension or conversion, and may be aggregated in one type, indoors or outdoors.

The floor space of indoor recreation space provided in accordance with the standards set forth in Section 28-22 (Standards for Recreation Space), not exceeding the amount required in the table, shall be excluded from the definition of floor area.


Minimum Required Recreation Space
(as a percentage of the residential floor area or applicable community facility floor area)

R6 R7


R8 R9 R10