Minimum distance between required windows and certain walls

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In all districts, as indicated, the minimum horizontal distance between a required window opening on an inner court and any wall opposite such window on the same zoning lot or between a required window and any wall of any other building opposite such window on the same zoning lot, shall not be less than 20 feet, nor shall any such wall be nearer to such window than a distance equal to one-third the total height of such wall above the sill level of such window.  Such minimum distance need not exceed 40 feet.

Such minimum distance shall be measured in a horizontal plane at the sill level of, and perpendicular to, the required window for the full width of the rough window opening between such window and a projection of such wall onto such horizontal plane.

For the purposes of this Section, at any level at which two portions of a single building are not connected one to the other, such portions shall be deemed to be two separate buildings and shall be subject to the provisions of this Section.