Height and Setback Requirements for Quality Housing Buildings

R6 R7 R8 R9 R10

In the districts indicated, the street wall location provisions of Sections 23-661 and the height and setback provisions of Section 23-662 shall apply to Quality Housing buildings. These provisions may be modified pursuant to the provisions of either Section 23-663 (Tower regulations in R9D and R10X Districts) or 23-664 (Modified height and setback regulations for certain Inclusionary Housing buildings or affordable independent residences for seniors), as applicable. Additional provisions are set forth in Section 23-665. Additional height and setback provisions for compensated developments and MIH developments, as defined in Section 23-911, are set forth in Sections 23-951 and 23-952, respectively. The height of all buildings or other structures shall be measured from the base plane.

Where the City Planning Commission grants additional height to a development or enlargement subject to the provisions of Sections 23-662 or 23-664 pursuant to an authorization or special permit of this Resolution, the Commission may, in conjunction, increase the permitted number of stories.