Special Provisions for Side Lot Line Walls

R3-1 R3-2 R4 R5

In the districts indicated, except R4A and R5A Districts, a building containing residences may:

(a)        abut an existing building located along a side lot line, where such building was existing on December 15, 1961, or lawfully erected under the terms of this Resolution, provided that walls of the building containing residences and walls of the existing building shall abut for a length equal to or greater than one half of the distance between the street wall line and rear wall line of the existing building. For the purposes of this paragraph (a), an “existing building” shall not include an accessory building located on an interior or through lot;

(b)        abut other buildings containing residences being erected at the same time on an adjoining zoning lot or zoning lots.

For such buildings containing residences, the side yard requirements shall be waived along the side lot line of the zoning lot coincident with the abutting buildings, and one side yard shall be provided along any side lot line of the zoning lot without an abutting building with a width of at least eight feet in R3-1, R3-2, R4 or R5 Districts, and four feet in R4-1, R4B or R5B Districts.