Special Provisions for Existing Narrow Zoning Lots

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In all districts, as indicated, except R2X, R3A, R3X, R4-1, R4A, R4B, R5A, R5B or R5D Districts, the required total width of side yards for a single-family detached or two-family detached residence may be reduced by four inches for each foot by which the width of a zoning lot is less than that required under the provisions of Section 23-32 (Minimum Lot Area or Lot Width for Residences) if such zoning lot :

(a)        has less than the prescribed minimum lot width; and

(b)        was owned separately and individually from all other adjoining tracts of land, both on December 15, 1961, and on the date of application for a building permit.

However, in no event shall the required width of a side yard be less than five feet.

In R5D Districts, no side yards shall be required for any zoning lot having a width of less than 30 feet along a street and existing on the effective date of establishing such district on the zoning map.