Nameplates or identification signs

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(a)        For all buildings containing residences, one nameplate, with an area not exceeding one square foot and indicating only the name or address of the occupant or a permitted occupation, is permitted for each dwelling unit or rooming unit.

(b)        For multiple dwellings, including apartment hotels, or for permitted non-residential buildings or other structures exclusive of hospitals and related facilities, one identification sign, with an area not exceeding 12 square feet and indicating only the name of the permitted use, the name or address of the building, or the name of the management thereof, is permitted. For community facility uses, except hospitals and related facilities, a bulletin board, with an area not exceeding 16 square feet, is also permitted. For any sign on awnings or canopies, the height of letters on any side of such awnings or canopies shall not exceed 12 inches.

(c)        For hospitals and related facilities, any number of identification or directional signs are permitted, provided the total surface area in square feet of all such signs shall not exceed 25 square feet on any one street frontage or 15 percent of such street frontage in feet, whichever is less. However, for zoning lots with more than one building that fronts upon the same street, each such building shall be permitted a surface area of 25 square feet. In addition to the aforementioned signs, either one directory or bulletin board, or combination thereof, is permitted, not to exceed 50 square feet.