Use Group 3

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Use Group 3 consists of community facilities that:

(1)        may appropriately be located in residential areas to serve educational needs or to provide other essential services for the residents; or

(2)        can perform their activities more effectively in a residential environment, unaffected by objectionable influences from adjacent industrial or general service uses; and

(3)        do not create significant objectionable influences in residential areas.

A. Community facilities

Colleges or universities1, including professional schools but excluding business colleges or trade schools

College or school student dormitories and fraternity or sorority student houses1

Libraries, museums or non-commercial art galleries

Long-term care facilities2,3

Monasteries, convents or novitiates, without restrictions as to use for living purposes or location in relation to other uses

Non-profit hospital staff dwellings located on the same zoning lot as the non-profit or voluntary hospital and related facilities or on a separate zoning lot that is immediately contiguous thereto or would be contiguous but for its separation by a street or a street intersection

Philanthropic or non-profit institutions with sleeping accommodations4


B. Accessory uses

1        Not permitted in R1 or R2 Districts as-of-right

2        In R1 and R2 Districts, permitted only by special permit by the City Planning Commission pursuant to Section 74-901 (Long-term care facilities)

3        In Community District 11 in the Borough of the Bronx, Community District 8 in the Borough of Manhattan, Community District 14 in the Borough of Queens and Community District 1 in the Borough of Staten Island, developments of nursing homes, as defined in the New York State Public Health Law, or enlargements of existing nursing homes that increase the existing floor area by 15,000 square feet or more, are permitted only by special permit by the City Planning Commission pursuant to Section 74-901 (Long-term care facilities)

4        The number of persons employed in central office functions shall not exceed 50, and the amount of floor area used for such purposes shall not exceed 25 percent of the total floor area, or, in R8, R9 or R10 Districts, 25,000 square feet, whichever is greater