R3-2, R4, R4B, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9 and R10 — General Residence Districts

These districts are designed to provide for all types of residential buildings, in order to permit a broad range of housing types, with appropriate standards for each district on density, open space, and spacing of buildings. However, R4B Districts are limited to single- or two-family dwellings, and zero lot line buildings are not permitted in R3-2, R4 (except R4-1 and R4B), and R5 (except R5B) Districts. The various districts are mapped in relation to a desirable future residential density pattern, with emphasis on accessibility to transportation facilities and to various community facilities, and upon the character of existing development. These districts also include community facilities and open uses which serve the residents of these districts or benefit from a residential environment.

R7-3 and R9-1 Districts may be mapped only as specified in this paragraph. Such districts may be mapped within the waterfront area and in the Special Mixed Use Districts. In addition, R7-3 Districts may be mapped in the Special Long Island City Mixed Use District and Special St. George District, and R9-1 Districts may be mapped in Mandatory Inclusionary Housing areas.