The following uses shall be applicable to Sections 15-021, 15-212 and 73-53.

In Use Group 7B:


Gun repair

Sailmaking establishments

Taxidermists’ shops

Trade embalmers

Window cleaning contracting establishments

In Use Group 8B:

Upholstering shops

In Use Group 9A:

Blueprinting or photostatting establishments

Medical or dental laboratories

Musical instrument repair shops

Plumbing, heating or ventilating equipment showrooms

Printing establishments

Studios - art, music, dancing or theatrical

Typewriter or other small business machine sales, rental or repairs

Umbrella repair shops

In Use Group 9B:

Hair products for head wear, wholesaling

In Use Group 10A:

Depositories for storage of office records, etc.

Photographic or motion picture production studios, radio or television studios.

In Use Group 10B:

All uses

In Use Group 11A:

All uses

In Use Group 11B:

All uses

In Use Group 16A:

Blacksmith shops

Carpentry, custom woodworking or furniture making shops

Electrical, glazing, heating, painting, paperhanging, plumbing, roofing or ventilating contractor=s establishments

Household or office equipment or machinery repair shops

Machinery rental or sales establishments

Mirror silvering or glass cutting shops

Poultry or rabbit killing establishments

Sign painting shops

Silver plating shops

Soldering or welding shops

Tool, die or pattern-making establishments or similar small machines

In Use Group 16D:

Carpet cleaning establishments

Dry cleaning or cleaning and dyeing establishments


Linen, towel or diaper supply establishments

Moving or storage offices

Packing or crating establishments

Photographic developing or printing establishments


Wholesale establishments

In Use Group 17A:

Building material and contractor’s yards

Produce or meat markets, wholesale

In Use Group 17B:

All uses

In Use Group 17C:

Trucking terminals or motor freight stations