Enlargements of Converted Buildings

In all Commercial Districts and Residence Districts, for enlargements of buildings converted to residences, the City Planning Commission may authorize:

(a)        a waiver of the requirements of Section 15-12 (Open Space Equivalent) for the existing portion of the building converted to residences; and

(b)        the maximum floor area ratio permitted pursuant to Section 23-151 for the applicable district without regard for height factor or open space ratio requirements.

In order to grant such authorization, the Commission shall find that:

(1)        the enlarged building is compatible with the scale of the surrounding area;

(2)        open areas are provided on the zoning lot that are of sufficient size to serve the residents of the building. Such open areas, which may be located on rooftops, courtyards, or other areas on the zoning lot, shall be accessible to and usable by all residents of the building, and have appropriate access, circulation, seating, lighting and paving;

(3)        the site plan includes superior landscaping for all open areas on the zoning lot, including the planting of street trees; and

(4)        the enlarged building will not adversely affect structures or open space in the vicinity in terms of scale, location and access to light and air.

The Commission may prescribe additional conditions and safeguards to minimize adverse effects on the character of the surrounding area.