Staged development of public or publicly assisted housing projects

In all Residence Districts except R9 and R10 Districts, in C1 or C2 Districts mapped within all such Residence Districts except R9 and R10 Districts, or in C1-6, C1-7 or C2-6 Districts, for a staged development of public, or publicly assisted housing projects, the City Planning Commission may permit any existing occupied building to remain temporarily on a zoning lot, and may authorize the applicable bulk regulations of the underlying districts to apply to the entire zoning lot without regard to the existence of such temporary building if the following conditions are met:

(a)        that the entire zoning lot of such development is owned by the applicant;

(b)        that the development plan for the project, showing compliance with all provisions of this Resolution, has been approved by the Board of Estimate, or will be subject to Board of Estimate approval in conjunction with the application for a special permit under this Section;

(c)        that the number of existing dwelling units temporarily retained on a zoning lot are no more than the number of new dwelling units approved for construction on such zoning lot;

(d)        that no final certificate of occupancy shall be issued by the Department of Buildings for the new construction until all pre-existing buildings except those buildings which are to be retained in accordance with the approved development plan are vacated, demolished and their sites are redeveloped in accordance with the approved project plan;

(e)        that the use of this staged development process, rather than a method of development requiring compliance with this Resolution, is necessary to expedite the construction of new housing and to alleviate the City's relocation housing problems; and

(f)        that the final development complies with all the applicable regulations of the underlying districts of the Zoning Regulation.

The site plan accompanying each application for a grant of special permit under this Section shall include a schedule indicating the timetable of demolition of all existing buildings and the schedule of new development and other improvements on the zoning lot.

The Commission may prescribe appropriate conditions and safeguards to minimize any adverse effects on the character of the block and of the surrounding area resulting from the temporary non-conformity with the Resolution permitted pursuant to this Section.