Private sewage pumping stations and sewage disposal plants

In all Residence Districts, the City Planning Commission may permit sanitary or storm water sewage pumping stations and sewage disposal plants, provided that such use will serve a development which contains more than 15 dwelling units; and that there are serious difficulties in locating it in a district where it is permitted as-of-right from which it could serve the residential area. In addition, the Commission shall refer such application to the Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Resources for a report. The Commission may review the scope and impact of the proposal on public facilities and may, in addition, prescribe appropriate conditions or safeguards without dictating the architectural design of individual buildings in order to minimize adverse effects on the surrounding area.

As a condition of granting a special permit for a sewage pumping station or a sewage disposal plant, the Commission shall find:

(a)        in the case of sewage pumping stations, the sewers and treatment plants to which the flow is to be pumped will be adequate to accommodate anticipated future development in the area to be served by these facilities;

(b)        in the case of sewage disposal plants serving a residential area, the related development is arranged in such a way as best to serve active and passive recreation needs; protect and preserve scenic assets and natural features such as trees, streams and topographic features; and provide suitable variations in the siting of buildings to achieve these objectives; and

(c)        in the case of sewage disposal plants, the proposed plant will be adequate for anticipated development in the area to be served; or

(d)        in all cases, the proposal promotes and protects the public health, safety and general welfare.