Height and Setback Requirements for Quality Housing Buildings

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In the districts indicated, the street wall location provisions of Sections 35-651 and the height and setback provisions of Section 35-652, shall apply to Quality Housing buildings. In certain districts, the heights set forth in Section 35-652 may be increased pursuant to either the provisions of Section 35-653 (Tower regulations) or 35-654 (Modified height and setback regulations for certain Inclusionary Housing buildings or affordable independent residences for seniors), as applicable. Additional provisions are set forth in Section 35-655. The height of all buildings or other structures shall be measured from the base plane.

In all such districts, the permitted obstructions provisions of Section 33-42 shall apply to any building or other structure. In addition, a dormer may be allowed as a permitted obstruction pursuant to paragraph (c)(1) of Section 23-623 (Permitted obstructions in certain districts).