Quality Housing Program

The applicability of the Quality Housing Program to commercial buildings, community facility buildings or buildings used partly for commercial use and partly for community facility use is set forth in this Section.

In C1 and C2 Districts mapped within R6 through R10 Districts with a letter suffix, and in C1-6A, C1-7A, C1-8A, C1-8X, C1-9A, C2-6A, C2-7A, C2-7X, C2-8A, C4-2A, C4-3A, C4-4A, C4-4D, C4-4L, C4-5A, C4-5D, C4-5X, C4-6A, C4-7A, C5-1A, C5-2A, C6-2A, C6-3A, C6-3D, C6-3X, C6-4A or C6-4X Districts, all buildings shall comply with the applicable height and setback regulations for Quality Housing buildings set forth in Article III, Chapter 5. Special regulations are set forth for buildings containing long-term care facilities or philanthropic or non-profit institutions with sleeping accommodations in Section 33-012 (Special provisions for certain community facility uses).