Income-restricted housing units

Regulations applicable to income-restricted housing units, except where such units are located in an affordable independent residence for seniors, are set forth in this Section.  

Within the Transit Zone no accessory off-street parking spaces shall be required for income-restricted housing units developed after March 22, 2016. Existing required or permitted accessory off-street parking spaces for buildings containing income-restricted housing units in receipt of a certificate of occupancy prior to March 22, 2016 shall continue to be subject to the applicable zoning district regulations in effect prior to March 22, 2016, except that the Board of Standards and Appeals may waive or modify such requirements in accordance with the provisions of Section 73-433 (Reduction of existing parking spaces for income-restricted housing units).

Outside the Transit Zone, accessory off-street parking spaces shall be provided for at least that percentage of the total number of income-restricted housing units as set forth in the following table.


Parking requirement per income-restricted housing unit
(in percent)

R3-2 R4


R5 R5B




R6 R7B


R7-1 R7-2 R7A R7D R7X R8B*


R8 R8A R8X R9 R10


*        In the Borough of Brooklyn, R8B Districts are subject to the parking requirements applicable in R8 Districts.